Publishing Dramas

Thought I would give you a quick update regards the publishing of Full Tilt.

1. Pay deposit for printers to purchase paper for my print run.

2. Receive proofs from printers and decide I want a larger book!

3. Call printers with trepidation to tell them I’ve had a change of mind.

4. Rejoice when Shapco, my extremely considerate printers in Minneapolis say, ‘that’s ok Ma’am!’

5. Give printers the go ahead.

6. Realize the yellow on the cover is not quite right!

7. Call printers to make the change – beg forgiveness during the phone call.

8. Change approved by my patient printers – press green button.

9. Reading through my final proof, notice one word in the middle of the book is WRONG!

10. You guessed it – take a deep breath and get back on the phone to Mineapolis!

I have certainly discovered a huge amount about the world of publishing. You can now ask me anything about the hinge line, spine, bleed, imprint, ISBN, section sewn, bulk, laminate and leading and I will confidently give you the answer!

I am excited to announce that both the eBook and hard copy versions of Full Tilt should be with you at beginning of October and I can’t wait to read your reviews.

Here is a photo of Full Tilt half-way though the printing process (just before I noticed the incorrect word in the middle of the book!)

Full Tilt's Cover


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