Life After Kickstarter

What does a Full Tilt author do when she has finished a 33 day Kickstarter campaign?

a) put her feet up and relax for a few days

b) catch up on a huge amount of neglected washing, housework and kids’ homework

c) call the director of Wordstock, the fabulous literary festival in Portland, Oregon, hoping to be invited to speak.

You guessed it – C is the correct answer and YES, I am going!


I am so excited. The flight is booked and I am preparing my presentation.

I am also hoping to be running a Kickstarter workshop during the festival – not sure if I can fit my yellow cart into my suitcase – but I will try!

In addition to this fantastic news, I have been busy making the finishing touches to Full Tilt’s typesetting and cover design.

Although I loved my original cover, I decided it was not FULL TILT enough so asked the amazing Nina Rycroft to help me design another and the result was amazing – I love it and hope you do too!

In between marketing myself and finishing publishing deadlines I managed to make another appearance on Jim Mora’s show on Radio New Zealand’s National Program. During my interview I mentioned to the population of New Zealand I was happy to continue my Kickstarter reward of attending book clubs around New Zealand to talk about full Tilt, bringing home baked cake.

I was not expecting my first request to be the BBC – An all male book club!

Nonetheless, I set out on a cold Wednesday night with a freshly baked banana cake and had a great night with Rod and his 7 friends, managing to keep them entertained for a good 2 hours – nothing quite like getting to know your readers!

Feeling guilty about making a cake for the book club and not my own family, the next morning I whipped together another delicious banana cake for my son Marco who turned 16 on the Thursday. Although I am an award-winning, ┬áLondon-trained chef Marco was shocked to find 3 large shards of glass in the lemon icing and when my 8 year old son Jack stated, ‘this is the worst birthday cake ever’ I decided it might be best to go back to my old mate Betty Crocker!

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